About Us

WorldPopulationToday.com is operated by a well-built team of researchers, developers, and volunteers. We work to make world population statistics accessible to the vast audience across the globe in an exciting and timely manner. We calculate the population of the world based on estimates and predictions based on statistical science. We are an independent United States-based digital media company. We don’t have any governmental, political, or corporate affiliation.

WorldPopulationToday.com constructively collects, authenticate, and process data from a multitude of sources simultaneously by reporting live. We furnish the latest stats of population around the world. For the broad segment of global audiences, we provide Population stats of different countries of the world. We provide demographical figures of the population on the grounds of countries, religion, projections, area, density, world literacy, unemployment, etc. Our statistical data are fairly reliable and are trustworthy.

We provide a precise population in the form of graphic visualization. All the figures are represented along with percentage analysis of all demographic indicators such as Growth rate, fertility rate, life expectancy rate, infant mortality rate, etc. We also provide population facts based on religion. Our entire research data and visualizations are free for use by everyone for various purposes.

The Way We Work

We accumulate data and process it into meaningful statistical information 24 hours round the clock, all seven days of the week. The data gathered is statistically analyzed by our team of analysts. Our team comprises of expert researchers and analysts. The team has the significant responsibility of authenticating the data derived from diverse sources.

On utilizing static figures to illustrate numerical change over time, a sense of association between the flow of time and the magnitude of change is hampered. In real life, these two factors facilitate our experience of change. It is an essential tool of comprehending the physical occurrences around us. The live counters help us to overcome such failure and enables us to convey the magnitude of the quantitative change through time.

We framed live counters on the home page, to supply the latest information from time to time. We detailed instant estimates for reporting live, facilitated by our proprietary algorithm. This algorithm processes the latest data and projections sourced by us from the most reputable organizations and statistical offices of various countries or regions in the world.

Our Sources

Our data is sourced from various official sources. Our official sources comprise of Official Census Websites of Governments of different countries and other Government Institutions, Reports by U.N.O., WHO, and various other reputable institutions.

Our Mission

WorldPopulationToday.com is a free platform, open to the public at large. Our mission is to analyze and furnish accurate population stats of the different parts of the world. Our stats are useful for government, businesses, and institutions. They can find regular demographic reviews of the world population existing across the globe. A sound understanding of levels, trends, and projections of world population. The statistics have great significance in strategic business planning, framing policies, and implementation of programs for tackling global challenges and arising issues.